Hi, I'm Amy

I'm a

  • Front End Developer
  • Speaker
  • Dog Lover
  • MVP
  • Writer
  • Organiser
  • Mentor
  • Champion
  • Advocate
  • Conference Addict

I help businesses get online, and stay online.

At AimHigher we build modern & professional websites purpose made to be easily maintained by anyone, regardless of technical skill.

I speak at conferences about front end development, the web, mental health and life.

I also run in person and online workshops for a more in-depth focus on front end tech, both internally and alongside other events.

I mentor at events, helping more girls and women get involved in tech. This includes She Codes (formerly Perth Web Girls) and Muses Code JS (formerly NodeGirls).

I write blog posts. Sometimes I blog about tech, sometimes about the web, sometimes about life.

I'm a Microsoft MVP. This means I do a lot of work in my community and sharing what I've learnt in conference talks and blog posts.

I'm a Twilio Champion. This means I help Twilio to build better communities.

Sometimes I write interesting things on socials, but mostly it's just pictures of my dog.

I'm on the committee for DDD Perth as Vice-Chair and Director of Conference Content. We're the biggest tech conference in Australia, not-for-profit and entirely volunteer run.

In this role, I plan and run workshops for writing talk proposals, help build out the final agenda, mentor and run training for any speakers that need an extra hand or want feedback on their presentations before the big day.

I have a grey and white border collie who likes long walks on the beach and snuggling on the couch.

Where is Amy?

Right now Amy is in Perth, Australia

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