Modern Front End Fundamentals

What does a modern front end actually look like? It’s one that built using semantic HTML, the layouts are built with modern CSS and no frameworks, is accessible to all users no matter their abilities or how they consume the site and all this is backed up with a completely automated testing pipeline to ensure code changes only affect what we intended.

Unless you’re working in the front end on a daily basis, it’s hard to keep up to date and ensure that your front end is still modern. This hands on workshop covers modern front end fundamentals, enabling you to create a layout and components without the need for any third party code. You learn core accessibility concepts to make your project more accessible without having to write complex code, take shortcuts or deal with browser specific implementations.

Once that is done, we then move on to testing our application, making sure that our accessibility improvements are there, watching for any unintended changes and making sure that the application works as it’s supposed to. Through automated tools that can be implemented as part of a deployment pipeline, to manual tools to check on the fly, there are plenty of options to ensure the front end is being tested as thoroughly as the back end.

After the tests are written, we’ll then integrate them as part of an approval and deployment pipeline. Automating the tests for pull requests, running through GitHub actions and ensuring that code is fully tested before it reaches the production branch of your repo.



This workshop involves using various testing tools, and involves getting started with the tools from the beginning without any prior experience. Where possible, open source tools are used.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is aimed at anyone who works with front end code on a regular basis and needs to keep up to date with the constantly changing world of front end development. Even if you’re just brushing up on your skills, this is the workshop for you.


Some experience with front end code desirable, a basic understanding of HTML and CSS as fundamental concepts won’t be covered. Some experience with JavaScript is also useful as the tests will be written in JavaScript.


This workshop is two full days:


This workshop is run primarily as an internal workshop for companies. Get in touch to book in your team! If being run internally, this workshop can also be split into full day or half day segments, to work best for your team.

Currently the following dates are available for anyone to attend:

Don’t want to miss out on all the front end fun(damentals)? Get in touch to find out when the next public workshop is being held.