Modern Front End Fundamentals - Modern CSS

What does a modern front end actually look like? It’s one built using semantic HTML, with layouts built using modern CSS and no frameworks as well as being accessible to all users no matter their abilities or how they consume the site.

Unless you’re working in the front end on a daily basis, it’s hard to keep up to date and ensure that your front end is still modern. This workshop covers the CSS side of modern front end fundamentals, enabling you to create a layout and components without the need for any third party code. Touching on various layout specs including Flexbox, CSS Grid and when to use floats (yes there is still a time and place for these).

So whether you’re completely new to CSS or it’s just been a while since you brushed up on what’s new, this hands-on workshop is a great chance to learn about the modern front end and how we can use it to make the web a better place (as well as write less code).


Who Should Attend

This workshop is aimed at anyone who works with front end code on a semi-regular basis and would like to brush up on some of the more recent CSS layout techniques.


Some experience with front end code desirable, a basic understanding of HTML and CSS.

Computer Setup